Settings page – AfterTouch Flow


AfterTouch Flow setting determines how fluid or how rigid the waves and the drawings are going to behave on the canvas. 

When you draw a wave, and you lift your touch from the canvas, the wave continues to flow for a certain amount of time depending on the setting of AfterTouch.

You can change the AfterTouch setting by using the slider or by tapping its icon.


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Three Gravity settings are available

Settings – AfterTouch

Settings – AfterTouch

Fluid –

Each drawing will move in a fluid fashion.

It has the effect of wet, watery paint.


Settings – AfterTouch – Rigid

Rigid –

The flow of each wave is very limited, and it stops fairly quickly after you lift your touch.

Settings – AfterTouch – Random

Random –

The AfterTouch movements of your drawings are sometimes fluid, and sometimes rigid, to various degrees.

Toolbar – AfterTouch




Quick Access to AfterTouch

The AfterTouch icon is also available in the bottom Toolbar menu on the canvas for quick access.


Each successive tap on the AfterTouch icon changes its setting between “Fluid“, “Rigid“, and “Random“.